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Men Choosing Plastic Surgery

We shouldn’t be surprised that men choosing plastic surgery is on the rise.  Just like their female counterparts, more and more men are seeking renewed youthfulness or improved looks through plastic surgery.  The number of men electing plastic surgery has doubled in the past twenty years.  Cosmetic surgery is now more socially acceptable and common thanks to media publicity, television shows, and social media.

Why the Increase in Men Choosing Plastic Surgery?

First and foremost, men care about their appearance and staying youthful, just as women do.  Other societal factors increasingly draw men to choose plastic surgery as well.

Vitality and youth are highly valued in today’s work place in all professions. The career marketplace is very competitive, and studies show that your perceived attractiveness does impact your success in your career (watch for our upcoming blog Your Appearance Affects Your Success). Professional men in their 40’s to 60’s are eager to look younger and keep that competitive edge.  We often see male patients wanting to remove frown lines or eliminate droopy lids or puffy eyes. These can add to a tired appearance or a permanent scowl. A blepharoplasty procedure can take five to ten years off a person’s appearance, and in many cases it improves your vision too. Men also will ask for removal of excess fat from their neck area to create a stronger jawline appearance. And, increasingly, we see men asking for complete face lifts.

Men Choosing Plastic Surgery Want Minimal Down Time

Procedure costs and recovery times both have gone down, and this plays a role in men choosing plastic surgery.  Another priority for many men is the desire for a short recovery time.  They want to quickly resume their regular lifestyle.  I often hear, “how long until I am back on the golf course?”.  A blepharoplasty procedure lets patients shampoo their hair the day after surgery, and sutures come out in about five days.  Many patients face the challenge of working this into a demanding professional schedule or recreational demands.

The Difference Between  Women and Men Choosing Plastic Surgery

There are a few differences between the women and men choosing plastic surgery in the patients I see.  Women often need more discussion and time in their decision making process, while most male patients often have made up their mind before the visit.  The guys want a few facts confirmed or some questions answered, and they quickly move forward with scheduling the surgery.

There also are a few uniquely differentiating factors in addressing surgical circumstances for men vs women.  Men’s skin has beard growth,  which of course isn’t the same for women.  And, the incision placement and potential scar exposure is more a factor for men.  Makeup or longer hair styles as scar camouflage techniques typically are not preferable options for men choosing plastic surgery.

It’s also worth mentioning, that many younger men choosing facial plastic surgery often want to change the shape of their nose, remove extreme acne scaring with laser treatments, or seek reconstructive surgery after sports injuries.

Men Choosing Plastic Surgery Care About Their Appearance

The importance of good looks and youthfulness in competitive career fields, second chance relationships, and a very image and health conscious society are what men choosing plastic surgery mention most frequently as their reasons for electing cosmetic facial procedures.  These are essentially the same desires that most women list.  We all want to feel good about ourselves and feel confident in public settings both at work and at play.  Looking and feeling our best is a universal desire.

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