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Your Nose Job – What to Expect

Choosing a Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Procedure

Everyone that elects to have a nose job has different motivations for choosing to have a rhinoplasty procedure.  Here is  you can expect from your nose job procedure.  Some of us are born with a nose that doesn’t fit with our face, or one that we would like to improve a bit. Other people undergo rhinoplasty (nose job) procedures for health or medical reasons.  We see many patients that have suffered a sports injury, and while correcting their medical issues, they choose to make a few alterations to the appearance of their nose as well.

A rhinoplasty procedure is one of the more complex facial plastic surgery procedures. This procedure requires a skilled surgeon with an aesthetic eye to create a balanced, pleasing, natural looking result.  It is important to trust the health and appearance of your nose to a facial plastic surgeon specialist.

Understanding Your Nose

Our noses are not only front and center on our faces, they perform critical functions for our well being and health (like breathing), and they can have a profound effect on how we feel about our appearance.  Our nose is a very complex appendage.  Learn more about the individual components that make up the nose.

What Changes will a Nose Job Make for my Appearance?

Some people feel self conscious with the appearance of their nose.  They desire a change or improvement in the balance of their face.  This is a very personal decision.  Feeling confident in one’s appearance usually changes how we interact act with others and how we feel about ourselves.

If you desire a change in your appearance, here are a few of the aesthetic issues a nose job can accomplish:

  • Make the nose more in line with the proportions of the face
  • Correct nostrils that are not uniform in size and shape
  • Lengthen or shorten the nose
  • Correct issues or reshape the tip of the nose
  • Remove defects such as lumps or depressions

Health or Injury Issues

If health or medical issues are involved, a rhinoplasty (nose job) may create greater comfort and increased ease of breathing.  Depending on your circumstances, a nose job may help:

  • Alleviate sinus pressure and make it easier to breathe properly
  • Correct nose structure so that the nasal passages are less susceptible to inflammation
  • Restore structure to a nose that was damaged in an accident
  • Correct the defects that resulted from a prior rhinoplasty procedure

Evaluating Your Nose

Surgical procedures are tailored to each individual nose and patient’s needs.

Your surgeon will evaluate your nose as a whole by examining each of its parts, determining how they interrelate with one another and with the rest of the face and body type. Careful consideration is given to the final appearance the patient desires.  At Woods Facial Plastic Surgery the goal is to provide a natural appearance, one that is in harmony with the individual’s face and body.

Recovering After Nose  Job Surgery

It is important to remember that everyone heals differently.  Here are a few general guidelines on what to expect after your surgery.

Post surgery a small splint will be placed on your nose. This will protect the nose and keep it stable for approximately 3 – 5 days.  Your surgeon may use nasal packing to reduce swelling and help with the bleeding. This packing is placed in your nose during the surgery and removed the next morning.

Mild to moderate discomfort is to be expected after the surgery, and this is typically alleviated with prescribed painkillers.  Typically, patients are able to stop taking the medication 48 hours after the surgery.  Bruising and swelling from the surgery also are common, and you may even develop two black eyes from the surgery.

You will need to keep your head elevated for a period of time as prescribed by your surgeon after the surgery. It also is important to sleep on your back for a few weeks after the surgery to avoid putting pressure on your nose.

Be Careful – Your New Nose Will  Be Sensitive

Avoid trauma to your nose after your nose job.  This means no contact sports, and being careful in general situations where you might get bumped in the nose (children and pets are common culprits).  If you wear glasses, you should not wear them for a few weeks after your surgery, but contacts are okay.  Also, be gentle washing your face.  The skin on your nose is sun sensitive for a few weeks, so be sure to apply sunscreen (once your surgeon gives the okay).

When Does My Nose Look Normal Again?

Typically, most of the swelling diminishes within two weeks post rhinoplasty surgery.  Within a month the remaining swelling should be gone.  Everyone heals and responds differently, so the key is to be patient.  Allow your body to heal and recover fully.

Talk with Your Doctor

Selecting a surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty is an important choice.  I strongly encourage you to select a facial plastic surgeon.  Do your research, and meet with your list of potential surgeons.  Almost all surgeons charge a consultation fee, consider this a worthwhile investment in the overall process to determine the best surgeon for you.  Talk with each of them.  Look at their results portfolio. Ask questions. Review their credentials and ask about their experience.

During your consultation, be honest about what you like or dislike about your appearance and your nose and what you expect or desire regarding your results.  It is also important to discuss any medical, health, or injuries related to your nose.

Renewing Confidence

Nose re-shaping can refine the appearance of the nose and enhance the unique natural beauty of the patient, and in some cases, improve your well being and alleviate medical conditions.  If you have struggled with self confidence in your appearance because of your nose, a nose job can enhance your self confidence.

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